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Further particulars - College Lectureship in Law

Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

The Council of Gonville & Caius College intends to appoint a College Lecturer in Law with effect from 1 October 2018. Applications are welcome from candidates in any area of law taught within the Cambridge Law Tripos.

The College has about 36 undergraduates reading Law and about 12 postgraduates in Law. The teaching Fellows in Law are Dr Pippa Rogerson (Private International Law and Company Law and Director of Studies), Dr Jens Scherpe (Family Law) and Dr Kate Miles (Constitutional Law and Public International Law).

The successful candidate will be expected to teach six hours per week of supervisions if he or she holds a post in the University and ten hours a week of supervision otherwise. Supervisions are tutorials on topics in the Law Tripos to develop students’ knowledge and understanding in parallel with lecture courses on the subject given in the University. Supervisions are also preparation for the annual Tripos examinations. These are usually taught in groups of three to four students. It is expected that the person appointed will teach two to three subjects in the Tripos. The College has teaching needs in Roman Law, Land Law, Law of Equity, Contract Law, and Criminal Law. Preference may be given to a candidate who can offer at least one of these subjects. The person appointed will also be expected to participate in the process of admitting undergraduates and graduates as required. Fellows are also required to attend General Meetings of the Fellows (held termly) and to participate and contribute to the life and work of the College. For example, Fellows are expected to become members of committees and attend social functions with students and alumni. In addition, Fellows contribute to the academic community by research. It may also be possible for the person appointed to undertake some teaching and administration in the University Law Faculty by negotiation with the Faculty Board.

The tenure of a College Lectureship is governed by the Statutes of the College. Appointment is made initially for three years with the possibility of renewal for a further two years, and thereafter of re-appointment to the retiring age. Re-appointment to the retiring age will be dependent upon satisfactory teaching and research. The person appointed to the College Lectureship will also be elected to a Fellowship.

The annual stipend, subject to annual pay award pending, of a College Lecturer who does not hold University or other office is currently on a scale of £34,955 to £44,240 if non-resident in College and £31,802 to £41,086 if resident in College.  The stipend includes an element of £6,960 for the first ten hours of supervision weekly (calculated on the basis of supervisions given in pairs) for which no separate payment is made.

The annual stipend of a College Lecturer holding University Office consists of a retainer of £3,125 together with a sum equivalent to the supervision fees for the six hours' supervision weekly that he or she is required to give of £3,408 (calculated on the basis of supervisions given singly).

Normal non-pensionable supervision fees are paid for any additional supervision that is undertaken above the amount required by the Lectureship. Any shortfall in supervision may be deducted from a fellow’s future stipend.

All College stipends are pensionable under the University Superannuation Scheme.

Parental leave is granted as follows: Shared Parental/maternity leave for up to 18 weeks (paid), followed by 21 weeks (Statutory Maternity Pay) and up to an additional 13 weeks (unpaid); paternity leave for up to two weeks (paid) and parental leave for up to 13 weeks (unpaid) before the child’s 5th birthday.

In addition, a Fellow may have accommodation in College. A Fellow not resident in College is given a room for study and teaching and is entitled to a Housing Allowance of £3,500 per annum. The college has a shared equity scheme if a Fellow wishes to purchase a residential property in Cambridge. Fellows presently receive a Book Allowance of up to £350 per annum, an allowance for Teaching and Research Expenses up to £527 per annum and an Entertainment Allowance. They also receive ten meals a week gratis and other dining privileges (an allowance for guests, the right to bring guests to College Feasts, etc). The College provides each Fellow with a computer. 

 A letter of application, attaching a full Curriculum Vitae, should be sent to the Senior Tutor, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, CB2 1TA by 14th November 2017. The application or cv should include the following particulars:

(a) Name, address, email and mobile telephone number on which the candidate can be contacted;

(b) Educational qualifications (with relevant dates)

(c) Appointments and awards held

(d) Any salary, stipend or financial assistance to be received after 1 October 2018

(e) A brief statement of the candidate’s research interests (no more than 1500 words)

(f) List of publications, working papers etc

(g) Papers in the Law Tripos which the candidate is willing to teach

(h) Confirmation of the right to employment in the UK

(i) Names and email addresses of two referees

Applicants must ensure that two confidential references are received by the Senior Tutor by 14 November 2017.

It is expected that interviews will be held on 30 November 2017 in the afternoon. Shortlisted candidates will be informed whether he or she will be interviewed by 23 November, 2017. Such candidates will be offered accommodation in College, if necessary, on the day before or after the interview. The outcome of the application will be communicated to all candidates by 15 December 2017.

For any further information please contact Dr Pippa Rogerson.

Information about the Law Faculty can be obtained from and about the College from