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Events in Schools

Caius' two Admissions Tutors and Schools Liaison Officer Rosie Costello regularly visit schools all over the country (particularly, though not exclusively, in our link areas). Visits can be tailored to meet your needs, and can include presentations and workshops. Often a school will host students, parents and teachers from a number of neighbouring schools. Other formats are of course possible. We are also happy to attend events organised by schools such as careers fairs and higher education conventions. If you would like to arrange a visit to your school please complete this form.

A typical school visit by our Schools Liaison Officer might take the following format: arrival in the morning and a session with Y11 students on A-Level choices and introducing higher education as a potential choice for the future. After lunch, we might run an afternoon session with Y12 students covering personal statements and competitive university applications. As far as possible we like to see the largest number of students in one visit, and we are very happy to offer multiple sessions in one day, or talk to multiple year groups.

Where schools are planning a careers fair, higher education information evening or higher education convention, we encourage them to consider inviting surrounding schools. Not everyone has the facilities to host large-scale events and we find it helpful when events are hosted collaboratively as it allows us to reach more students. Schools in existing school partnerships/consortia are encouraged to work together too. If we are in a local area for part of a day we can then visit a second school when available.

If you have further questions about your event, please don't hesitate to contact the Schools Liaison Officer.