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At a glance


BA: 3 years

Subject requirements:

A Level/IB Higher Level Geography

Typical offer:

A Level: A*AA

IB: 42 with 776 at Higher Level

Application requirements:

Two pieces of written work (submitted in advance of the interview)

Globalisation, climate change, environmental economics, nature conservation, food security, hurricanes, coastal geomorphology, volcanoes, the future of Africa and other developing areas, glacial and hydrological processes, social and economic inequalities, cultural differences: if these issues interest you, come to Cambridge and study Geography. We offer comprehensive facilities and resources, and up-to-date, lively teaching. Our course tackles these issues from a broad base, but also allows you to specialise. This means your degree can be science-based or arts-based, or both. In other words, it’ll be what you make it.

In the first year, all students take two papers (Human Geography and Physical Geography), as well as learning research skills in statistics, fieldwork, and relevant technologies. In the second year students go on an overseas field trip. In this year you can begin to specialise and in the final year you can either specialise further or maintain a balance across the subject as a whole. Final year students submit a dissertation, which can be in any specialist area of the discipline. Recent Caius students have written dissertations on prostitution, ecotourism, and the Ebola crisis. Further information can be found on the department website.

​Geography at Caius

Geography is a popular subject at Caius with a friendly student community and a recently set-up Geography Society.

Dr Karenjit Clare, a Bye-Fellow and Tutor at Caius, is the Director of Studies for Geographers at the College. Dr Clare is an economic geographer with a particular focus on work, employment and labour, gender, globalisation, and global cities. Students can expect one to two supervisions (small group teaching sessions) per week. Some of these supervisions will be with the Director of Studies while others will be other subject specialists. Lectures are provided in the Department and are the same for all students, regardless of College. As a Geographer at Caius, you will find yourself studying and socialising in a very dynamic, friendly and inter-disciplinary environment.


All applicants are asked to submit two pieces of written work and we interview all suitably qualified candidates. Candidates should expect two interviews. One of these will be a general academic interview with a Caius tutor, and the other will be with the Director of Studies and another member of the Geography department. Interviews play a very important part in our selection process, but a very strong academic record to-date remains essential.

If you have any queries about Admissions at Caius, please contact the Admissions Office.