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Kramer wireless collaboration

At Caius, we have a new, unique piece of equipment. ‘VIA Collage’ has been designed and realised by Kramer Electronics, founded in 1981.

This fantastic piece of equipment allows you to present and collaborate with delegates wirelessly, making meetings, seminars and events much more interactive. Users can connect using a smartphone, tablet or laptop (IOS, Windows, Android) and can view and edit documents in real time, as well as sharing files and chatting with individuals or multiple other users simultaneously. The award−winning VIA Collage is the only wireless solution on the market that can show six user screens on a single display or twelve on a dual display.

VIA Collage has offered Caius a whole new level of conferencing. It will give you the ability to make conferences and lectures more interactive for delegates. VIA Collage has been installed into our Cavonius Centre; our most flexible conference room. We are proud to announce that VIA Collage is now available to book through the Conference Office. We hope you will enjoy using this fantastic piece of equipment!