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Caius Gives

For 36 hours from 5 May, the global Caius community will come together to bring about positive change in Caius and beyond.


Exceptional individuals from all backgrounds are welcome at Caius. Together we enable them to thrive, developing the skills and knowledge required to make a positive impact on society. As students begin to return to college, we are reminded of the vital importance of alumni support. Your generosity has meant so much to students but, with your help, we would like to do even more to help them. Will you help us enable many future Caians to fulfil their goals? A gift to Caius Gives would ensure that:

  • More full and partial studentships are available to graduate students to encourage future students to make an impact at Caius and in the wider world.
  • The increased need for welfare/Tutorial support following the pandemic can be met. This includes professional help for mental health and increased financial and practical assistance for some students – e.g. hardship loans; accommodation subsidies for those who could not return home during vacation or term time.
  • The College is able to implement a new strategy for student welfare. This will see the introduction of new programmes for the benefit of all at Caius, as well as the provision of additional resources to aid individual students in need.
  • The barriers faced by students from disadvantaged backgrounds at Cambridge are identified and overcome. For example, employing a second Schools’ Liaison Officer would strengthen our outreach programme, with regular interaction between Caius, prospective applicants and their teachers.

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