Why choose Caius?

With 31 colleges in Cambridge, choosing between them can be tricky for applicants. So why should you apply to Caius? Well, we think we combine many of the key things you may be looking for - in a unique way.

Academically, our size means we offer an unusually wide array of experts in a variety of fields, who will teach, challenge and support you as you study here. Take a look at our growing series of subject films to see how our Fellows (the academics who teach and research here) take particular pride in helping students as they move through their course, and then keep in touch after they leave - meaning they stay within the wider Caius community. Numbers taking each subject tend to be bigger at Caius - so you'll always find people with similar interests to yours.

In terms of character, we're a large college numerically, but our beautiful Old Courts - located right in the centre of Cambridge - draw everyone together. Just across the river, Freshers (first-year students) have their own campus located minutes from the University Library and key departmental sites - offering some of the best accommodation in Cambridge. We're different from most Colleges in that we encourage students to eat together regularly in Hall - something we believe is key to our strong community feel. Our size means we also offer a vast array of sports, music and social activities, and we have excellent facilities. We have our own sports ground located just a few minutes from College by bike, a new boat house, gyms, and squash courts - not to mention our beautiful and well-stocked library.

Welfare is important for all students no matter where they study, and at Caius we have our own Health Centre within the College, run by our College Nurse. Our JCR (the student union in College) runs a successful "College parent" system ensuring each Fresher is linked up with two second-years for advice and support. We take this seriously - you'll end up with College brothers, sisters and grandparents, all looking out for each other. Designated tutors provide academic and pastoral support, and the University offers a range of other welfare services.

If you'd like to find out more about us, take a look through this website and the JCR site or - even better - come and see us! The University Open Days offer the perfect chance to see all that we offer and ask our students and Fellows your questions. Unlike many colleges, we don't ask you to book: just drop in - we look forward to meeting you. If Open Days seem a long way off, remember you can visit the college virtually through our Virtual Tours, or arrange a visit when the College is open (check our Visiting Caius page).

You can also get a student's-eye view of Caius via our Alternative Prospectus, produced entirely by our students. You'll find Q&As with current students in every subject, which gives you first-hand information on what it's like to study at Caius.

Any questions about admissions? Contact our admissions team:

Email: admissions@cai.cam.ac.uk
Phone: (01223) 332413