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The Caius Foundation is a US tax-exempt educational and charitable organisation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. US taxpayers may give tax-deductible gifts to the Caius Foundation and recommend that its directors make grants benefiting Caius.

If you would like to make a gift by credit card you can use our online donation form. Alternatively, if you wish to make a gift by check or by credit card you can download the Caius Foundation gift form and send it, with your check in dollars made payable to "The Caius Foundation", to:

Mr James H. Hill
Treasurer, The Caius Foundation
50 Newton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Gifts of all sizes are welcomed by the Caius Foundation at any time and the foundation is especially grateful to donors who multiply their generosity by pledging a gift to be paid in annual, monthly or quarterly instalments over several years.

The current Directors of the Caius Foundation are:

President  The Hon Dr John Lehman (1965)
Vice-President Sir Alan Fersht (1962)
Treasurer Mr James Hill (2009)
Secretary Eva Strasburger (1982)
Assistant Treasurer James Howell (2009)
  Dr Anne Lyon (2001)
  Professor Peter Walker (1960)
  Francis Vendrell (1964)
  Sartaj Gill (1994)
  Dr David Secher (1974)

If you would prefer to make a gift of shares or to leave a legacy to the Caius Foundation please contact the Development Office.

The Development Office will acknowledge your gift and, unless you request anonymity, will publish your name in the College's list of donors.