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Recognition for Benefactors

Gonville and Caius College has traditionally given a high level of recognition to its benefactors and is the only ancient College of the University of Cambridge named after its major benefactors, Edmund Gonville and John Caius.

The Edmund Gonville Guild - £2.5 million

The College commissions a portrait of Members of the Edmund Gonville Guild, appropriate to be hung on the staircase to the College Library, in recognition of exceptional munificence to Caius.

The John Caius Guild - £1.5 million

The names of members of the John Caius Guild are engraved on the Benefactors’ Wall in the Great Gate where the College’s greatest benefactors since its foundation in 1348 are celebrated.

Gonville Fellow Benefactors - £1 million

The Master and Fellows elect Gonville Fellow Benefactors in recognition of great munificence to the College. They are welcome to come to the College to lunch or dine, bring a guest and to stay the night whenever the College is open. They are invited to all College Feasts and to Fellows' Guest Nights. They and, if requested, their spouse or civil partner are admitted as Gonville Fellow Benefactors in the College Chapel in a ceremony during the service for the Commemoration of Benefactors preceding the Commemoration Feast.

Founder of the Court of Benefactors - £250,000

Founders of the Court of Benefactors of Gonville & Caius College  are entitled to wear the fine gown traditionally worn by the College's aristocratic Fellow Commoners.

The Stephen Hawking Circle - £50,000

The Stephen Hawking Circle was established in 2007. Following his passing, the College continues to celebrate the life of its most famous Fellow of the modern era, inviting new members, with a guest, to an evening in College which culminates with a fine dinner in the Panelled Combination Room.  Occasional events are also held for all members of this Circle, such as the unveiling of the Benefactors’ Wall in 2012. Read more

Member of the Court of Benefactors - £20,000

Members of the Court of Benefactors, who have made gifts of at least £20,000, are invited to the College to take part in the service for the Commemoration of Benefactors and to dine with the Master and Fellows at the Commemoration Feast. All Members enjoy the privileges of Associate Members.

Associate Member of the Court of Benefactors - £10,000

Associate Members of the Court of Benefactors are given an exclusive option to book the Caius Box, which is in the centre of the Grand Tier at the Royal Albert Hall. They are also invited to the annual College May Week Party.

Anyone considering gifts at these levels is encouraged to get in contact with the Development Office directly.

All Benefactors are entitled to use the College punts during the summer months. As many as we can accommodate of those who have made a gift to Caius during the previous year are invited to the College May Week Party, including a buffet luncheon, musical recital and tea.  Those benefactors who have made a donation in each of the previous ten years are listed in The Caian and Once a Caian... as Members of the Ten Year Club.

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The Edmund Gonville Society was established to recognise during their lifetime those Caians and friends who are leaving a bequest to the College. Members are invited to the College May Week Party in the year they pledge a legacy to the College and each year thereafter if that pledge is £20,000 or more. Those indicating especially generous legacies are invited to take part in the annual Commemoration Service followed by the Commemoration Feast.

Learn more about how to leave a legacy to the College.