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Benefactors' Day: May Week Party

The annual May Week Party is a highlight of the Caius Calendar. The purpose of the occasion is to express our gratitude to those who have generously contributed to the College's Development Campaign during the past year.  We would like to invite all those donors who have given in the last year, but due to the overwhelming response to these invitations in recent years we have now regrettably had to set a minimum gift level.

In the afternoon there is a choice of musical events and an exhibition prepared by the College Archivist.

The day closes with a tea party, hosted by the Master in the garden of the Master's Lodge.

Those interested in rowing will know that the Saturday of May Week also marks the final day of the May Bumps. As the Benefactors’ party draws to a close many Caians head down to the river to join the Caius Club Bumps Event on Caius Meadow, which gives unparalleled views of the best drama on the river.