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Making the Most of Your Gift

We invite all Caians, parents and friends of the College worldwide to give generously, to secure the College’s excellence in teaching and research for future generations. Gifts at every level make a real difference to our ongoing ability to offer an educational experience of exceptional quality, diversity and scholarship. The table below illustrates how, if you pay tax in the UK, your donation can be substantially increased in value by Gift Aid. This is because the College can claim back from HMRC the basic rate tax already paid by you. If you are a higher rate UK taxpayer, you can also claim personal tax relief on the difference between the basic rate of tax (currently 20%) and higher rate (40%) or additional rate income tax (45%), on the gross value of your gift.

Regular Gift Aid for 10 Years Single Payment by Gift Aid Actual Cost to Higher Rate Taxpayers Total Value to Caius
    40% 45%  
£80,000 per annum £800,000 £600,000 £550,000 £1,000,000
£40,000 per annum £400,000 £300,000 £275,000 £500,000
£20,000 per annum £200,000 £150,000 £137,500 £250,000
£8,000 per annum £80,000 £60,000 £55,000 £100,000
£4,000 per annum £40,000 £30,000 £27,500 £50,000
£1,600 per annum £16,000 £12,000 £11,000 £20,000
£50 per month £6,000 £4,500 £4,125 £7,500
£20 per month £2,400 £1,800 £1,650 £3,000

For gifts from UK taxpayers, tax recovery has been calculated assuming a basic rate tax of 20%, a higher rate of 40% and additional rate tax of 45%

Transfer of Shares, Land and Property

When quoted shares and securities are transferred to the College, UK income tax relief can be claimed by the donor for the full market value of the gift at the time of transfer, in addition to relief on any existing capital gains tax payable. This enables those holding shares with large capital gains to make a major donation to the College extremely costeffectively.

Depending on the level of capital gain, the gift could cost the donor less than one third of the total value of their gift to the College. These tax benefits also apply to gifts of land and property to the College.

Deed of Variation

If you are a beneficiary under a Will, you can transfer all or part of your inheritance to the College under a Deed of Variation. Gifts thus transferred are free of Inheritance Tax, affording the opportunity for Gonville & Caius to benefit during your lifetime.

Overseas Donors

Taxpayers in the USA can make tax-deductible gifts to the Caius Foundation, which is a tax-exempt educational and charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and makes grants benefiting Gonville &. Caius College. Taxpayers in Canada can make tax-deductible gifts. Please ask the Development Office for a Canadian tax receipt.

Taxpayers in Hong Kong can make tax-deductible gifts to the Caius Hong Kong Foundation. Please ask the Development Office for further information.


The charitable status of the College means that legacies and bequests to it are free from inheritance tax and capital gains tax which reduces the total liability on your estate. And those leaving at least 10% of their taxable estate to charity will have the tax charged on the remainder of their taxable estate reduced from 40% to 36%.