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Leaving a legacy to Gonville & Caius

A Tradition of Benefaction

Since its foundation by Edmund Gonville in 1348 the College has relied heavily on the generosity of Caians and other friends of the College. For over 650 years their gifts have helped to sustain and enrich the College as a place of academic excellence and ensured its continued growth despite the vicissitudes of time. Gonville and Caius in the twenty-first century is not a rich College and relies on legacies and benefactions if its traditions of excellence in all fields are to be sustained.

Among the benefactions, legacies have played an important role in the development of Gonville and Caius. Across the centuries people whose names have become familiar to all Caians have made bequests to the College, from the early benefactions of William Bateman and Anne Scroop, whose legacy in the early sixteenth century gave the College the land between West Road and Sidgwick Avenue on which Harvey Court now stands, through to Joyce Frankland, Thomas Legge, Stephen Perse, William Branthwaite, William Moore, Bartholomew Wortley, Martin Davy, William Henry Drosier, Charles Monro, William Tapp and George Berkeley. All of these bequests have enabled Caius to grow and develop as a lively intellectual community.

Today the tradition of philanthropic bequests to the College continues. In recent years significant support has been given to essential projects through legacies such as those from Wyndham Lloyd, Stanley Elmore, Henry Elton, Francis Shout, George Steward, Cresswell Rooke, Elisabeth Stopp and Walter Porter. It is through such support that the College is able to grow and adapt to changing needs and circumstances. The success of Gonville and Caius today is a living testimony to the commitment of former generations to its future.


An Opportunity to Leave a Lasting Memorial

Many Caians who would like to give a gift which will make a real difference to the College are unable to do so during their lifetime because of their daily commitments. Including a legacy in your Will offers you this opportunity.

The Charitable Status of the College means that legacies and bequests to it are free from Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes and this reduces the total liability on your estate.

Tax-efficient giving offers tremendous opportunities but any help, however given, is greatly appreciated. Many smaller bequests will be needed to help the College meet its aims and each one will be warmly appreciated.


Types of Legacy

A RESIDUARY LEGACY involves leaving all or part of the residue of your estate, after other bequests to your family and friends have been made and expenses have been met. This way the real value of the gift you decide to leave is protected.

A PECUNIARY LEGACY allows you to give a specific sum of money, which may be linked to the Retail Price Index.

A REVERSIONARY LEGACY involves leaving all or part of your assets to Trustees so that it only reverts to the College when your spouse, partner or dependant dies, and that beneficiary has the full benefit of the income from it during their lifetime.

A CONDITIONAL LEGACY leaves all or part of your estate to a particular person, but in the event that they die before you then the legacy would go to the College.

A SPECIFIC LEGACY is the gift of a specified possession to the College. This may be in the form of property, valuables, works of art or stocks and shares.

A LIFE ASSURANCE POLICY which has Gonville and Caius as its beneficiary enables you to provide for the College during your lifetime for the benefit of its work after your death. This way, you can, for the relatively modest outlay in premium, ensure major benefits for Caius.

If you are a beneficiary under a Will, you can transfer all or part of your inheritance to the College under A DEED OF VARIATION. Gifts thus transferred are free of Inheritance Tax, affording the opportunity for Gonville and Caius to benefit during your lifetime.


Including Caius in Your Will

A legacy to Gonville & Caius College may be included in your Will, either when it is first drawn up, or subsequently by the addition of a Codicil to an existing Will.

A suggested form of wording for a Will or Codicil

I GIVE to THE MASTER AND FELLOWS OF GONVILLE & CAIUS COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE CB2 1TA (Registered Charity Number 1137536) the residue / a proportion of the residue of my estate / the sum of £(amount) free of tax for the Master and Fellows to apply in such a manner as they in their absolute discretion think fit for the benefit of the College and I declare that the receipt of the Director of Development or other authorised officer for the time being of the College shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.

A Codicil needs to be separately signed, dated and witnessed by two Witnesses as for a Will.

If you would prefer to direct your bequest to a specific purpose, you may like to contact the Director of Development to discuss the wording.


Helping Future Generations of Caians

At Caius we want to maintain our commitment to the highest standards in education and research and continue to see Caius graduates go on to take up leading roles in all walks of life. We want to build for the future as our predecessors did for the present, whilst preserving the beautiful and historic College surroundings which help us to be successful. A legacy to be used at the Master and Fellows' discretion is the most beneficial way in which you could help further the College's aims. It gives the College flexibility to use your gift in the most effective way at any given time in the future. However if you would prefer to direct your bequest to a specific purpose, we would be happy to provide such details as you may require.

The objectives of the College are, and will continue to be, the maintenance and development of academic excellence in an environment which provides up-todate educational and social facilities while at the same time retaining the friendly and intimate atmosphere which is so characteristic of Caius.

We are immensely grateful to the many Caians and friends of the College who have already made provision for Caius in their Wills. Thank you for this wonderful support. The College recognises that your bequest intentions are a personal matter which you may wish to keep confidential. However, if you are willing to complete this Pledge Form the College would be very grateful. The pledge is not binding and is simply a statement of your present intentions which will assist the College in its long term planning, and enable Caius to recognise your generosity through membership of the Edmund Gonville Society.


The Edmund Gonville Society

Gonville & Caius College has traditionally given a high level of recognition to its benefactors and is the only ancient College named after its major benefactors, Edmund Gonville and John Caius.

The Edmund Gonville Society was established in 2002 to recognise during their lifetime all those who have made a legacy in their Will in favour of the College.

Members of the Edmund Gonville Society are invited to the College on Benefactors' Day during May Week in the year they pledge a legacy to the College and each year thereafter if that pledge is £20,000 or more, and are given special recognition in the Benefactors' Book. In addition, those indicating especially generous legacies are invited to take part in the annual service for the Commemoration of Benefactors in Chapel, in accordance with the memorandum of William Bateman dated 6 November 1352 that the Master and Fellows should all be present at a Commemoration of Edmund Gonville within the period 11-25 November each year. They will then proceed to dine with the Master and Fellows at the Commemoration Feast. At the Commemoration Service the College remembers all those benefactors whose gifts have helped shape the Caius of today.


Gonville and Caius College Development Campaign

For more information about legacies or any other aspect of the Development Campaign, please contact

Fellow and Director of Development
Gonville & Caius College

Telephone +44 (0)1223 766996