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How to gain Membership to the Caius Club

The Caius Club is open to everyone after enrolling in the college (matriculation).

  • There are two classes of membership: Associate (in residence) and Full:
    • Full membership is available to any Caian who left the college in good standing.
    • Associate membership is available to all undergraduate and post-graduate college members.
  • On leaving college in good standing, associate membership is promoted to full membership.
  • Membership is achieved by payment of the membership fee in force at the time of application for entry to the Club.
  • The fee is non-refundable and depends upon the class of membership and the status of the applicant.

Current fee structures are given in the table below.  Members may revoke membership at any time in writing.

All Club event notices may carry an application for membership entry and indicate fee structure and privacy policy if relevant.

Class/status Fee and payment method
Full membership, already left College £5 one-off fee (life membership) 
Associate membership (undergraduate/postgraduate) £5 paid, normally in the second term
Promotion, Associate to Full Automatic, no charge (grants life membership)