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The Cambridge Dinner

The Cambridge Dinner usually takes place in the Easter break each year. Caians from all eras are invited to come along, bringing their partners if they wish. The dress code is formal (dinner jackets). It follows the style of a formal College dinner (four courses with wines), with a senior member of the College present to recount recent highlights from the undergraduate world.

There are rooms available for overnight stays in College and on the West Road site, and a limited number of car parking spaces available which are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you are not already a Club member, a token fee of £5 allows you to join in all subsequent dinners and our other events e.g. the Mays picnic (for details of events see

You can also use this form to book car park tickets for the May bumps picnic in June.

If you are unable to use the online booking form, please send an email to to request an application form that can be printed.

Note that the Club’s Annual General Meeting takes place properly if amazingly briefly during the dinner! The dress code is formal (dinner jackets).

For further information about future events please contact: