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Previous Campaigns


Chinese New Year: 1 February 2019 — 4 February 2019

During this campaign we reached out to Caians and Friends of the College in Asia.


Spring Campaign: 16 March 2019 — 31 March 2019

The Spring appeal, our largest telephone campaign, put current students in touch with many of our national and international alumni.  The students brought our alumni up to date with the College and the progress of the Caius Fund. Our callers enjoyed reminiscing with alumni, and responding to alumni queries. See what some of our callers said in our 2018 Campaign here.


Thanksgiving Campaign: 7 December 2019 — 9 December 2019

This was our second Thanksgiving Campaign connecting with the Caian community in the United States, following our successful 2018 campaign, which raised over $55,000. Our alumni in the US received a call informing them of the work of the Caius Foundation, which enables Caians to give tax-efficiently to the College.

Our campaigns are your chance to get in involved. If you would like to give to any of these campaigns but do not wish to be contacted by phone, you can donate here.