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The Caius Fund 2021 Campaign

The Caius Fund 2021 Campaign: 20 September 2021 - 3 October 2021

The Caius Fund logoFollowing our successful Americas & Asia/Pacific Campaign, this Autumn, Caians and friends of the College in Europe and the rest of the world will be called by a current student from 20 September - 3 October as part of the Caius Fund 2021 Telephone Campaign to find out more about student support and other projects at Caius. If you are a new donor and give to any aspect of student support your gift will unlock, pound for pound (or equivalent), a fund for undergraduate financial support thanks to the generosity of Cambridge graduate David Harding and his wife, Claudia.

As students continue their academic endeavors in challenging circumstances, we are reminded of the vital importance of alumni support. Will you help us enable many future Caians to fulfill their goals? A gift of whatever amount you feel is appropriate, would ensure that:

  •  the barriers faced by students from disadvantaged backgrounds at Cambridge are identified and overcome. From the moment they arrive in Cambridge, Caius Fund Bursaries support students to realise their academic and career ambitions in an inclusive and diverse community.
  •  students make the most of the opportunities which Cambridge has to offer through participation in co- and extra-curricular activities. Student Support Funds ease the financial pressure on students and their families, enabling them to experience the University life they deserve.
  • we preserve the supervision system which is the hallmark of a Cambridge education, giving our students access to world-leading experts. The College provided around 25,000 supervision hours last year, costing the equivalent of over £1 million.
  • more full and partial studentships are available to graduate students to encourage future students to make an impact at Caius and in the wider world.


Caius continues to spend on education twice what it receives in tuition fees – equivalent to almost £5,000 per student per year in order to provide one in five of its undergraduates with some form of financial support.

Our campaigns are your chance to get in involved. If you would like to give to any of these campaigns but do not wish to be contacted by phone, you can donate here.