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Spring Campaign 2019 - Live Blog

Thank you to our 186 donors and other alumni, parents and friends who had lovely conversations with us during the CaiusFund '19 Spring Campaign. Our student callers really enjoyed hearing some fascinating stories about your time at Caius!

30 March 2019

Chev most importantly enjoyed the Spice Girls music being played in the call room, and chatted with a Caian who read Architecture and shared their experiences of Caius. He chose to support the Caius Fund.

27 March 2019

Matt had a great chat with a Caian who matriculated in the 1960s about reading Virgil in Latin and the joy of listening to texts in a different language. 

25 March 2019

Our callers are all smiles after another evening of speaking with fellow Caians about where life took them after leaving College.


21 March 2019

James spoke to an alumnus who was working in taxonomic analysis. They had an nice chat about chiasmuses and the plural of octopus. He wrote a card to say thanks.

20 March 2019

Lucy spoke to an alumna who had been working all over the world in countries such as Jamaica helping to source funds for immediate cash for households to reduce poverty. Lucy said she "thinks it's really fascinating to talk to people who are making such a difference in the world."

19 March 2019

Vika (pictured below) enjoyed her free lunch today before the calling - the callers enjoy spending time socialising for half an hour before the shift.

Gemma Taylor spoke to a Caian who used to live in her room, and enjoyed sharing stories of their experiences.

Find out more about the Campaign in our FAQs section.

17 March 2019

Our Student Fundraisers were thrilled to get to speak with many alumni who shared stories of their lives after Caius. Etienne Dean, pictured, below, spoke to many interesting Caians.

16 March 2019

The callers have just finished their first day of training, Chevan and Lucy practice their conversational skills.

This is my second time back on the Campaign and I am ecstatic to work towards meaningful change within the Caius community. I've really enjoyed training today and getting to meet a new group of people that I otherwise would not have had a chance to. 

Reiss Akhtar

11 March 2019

The final £90,000 of our Caius Fund '19 target will be allocated to our Buildings Fund

Our buildings are the historical heart of the College and it is important that these are maintained, especially for our students who live and work in College throughout their studies. This maintenance includes repairs, refurbishments, general upkeep and ensuring our ancient buildings remain compliant with the latest safety rules and regulations. This fund will also support projects such as the kitchen renovations, which will begin this year.

5 March 2019

Calling for the Spring Campaign will start next week. If you have any questions, please contact Marissa or visit our new Campaign FAQs page here

Our FAQs tell you more about why we fundraise and why our students are excited to be part of supporting the Caius Fund.

28 February 2019

Our student callers are ready for the Caius Fund ’19 Spring Campaign. Earlier this week, the callers met with Master Dr Pippa Rogerson (1986) and the Development Office to take a team photo.

You can find out more about our callers on our ‘Meet the Callers’ page. This will hopefully help you put a face to the name when you talk to one of them during the campaign. You will be hearing more from our fundraisers about their experiences on this blog.

25 February 2019

Our alumni in this years Spring Campaign will be receiving their pre-call communications this week, giving them more information on our Caius Fund projects, for which we will be raising £600,000. Our students can’t wait to hear about our alumni who have ended up all over the world.

We have also included our new postcard, showing two of our current students wandering through Tree Court. Pippa (2016), reading Medicine, and Thomas (2016), reading Natural Sciences, were two of our Student Fundraisers from last year's Spring Campaign. Pippa can be seen below during one of our calling sessions.

Alumni are welcome to contact me with any questions once they have received their pre-call communication. Please reach me at or +44 (0)1223 332 393.

Marissa Green - Annual Fund Officer