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Caius Fund

The Caius Fund seeks to raise money for immediate use by the College. We aim to raise over £500,000 each year for a wide range of projects, which vary annually according to changing priorities. These projects could not come to fruition were it not for the Caius Fund, which supports initiatives that are vital to the continuing academic excellence of the College. As such, the projects it finances represent key areas of College life, from teaching to research, books, bursaries and buildings.

Given the wide range of projects the Caius Fund covers, we hope that there is something to inspire everyone to lend their support.

In recent years, projects have included the renovation of U staircase in Tree Court and of the Waterhouse Building; the restoration of medieval manuscripts; provision of College Teaching Officers, Choral Scholarships, a Research Fellowship, Undergraduate Bursaries and Postgraduate Studentships; and a new four for the Boat Club. 

Contributions to the Caius Fund can be made either towards General Support, which gives the College the flexibility to direct your donation to the areas of most need, or to a specific project.

2017 Caius Fund Projects Cost
Restoration of the Waterhouse Building £45,000
A Research Fellowship (2017-2021) £160,000
Student Support Fund (15 Undergraduate Bursaries (2017-18) and two Graduate Studentships (2017-20)) £250,000
College Teaching Endowment £75,000
One Organ Scholarship and two Choral Scholarships (for three years) £40,000
Library (books for undergraduates and restoration of medieval manuscripts and early printed books) £10,000
Sports Endowment Fund £10,000
A new College Punt £10,000

The Caius Fund also provides a valuable opportunity for us to rekindle and reinforce our relationship with Caians across the globe through our annual Telephone Campaign.

We know that Caians love the chance to reconnect with the College, and there is no better way to achieve this than by speaking to a current student with whom they share a common bond, be it in terms of subject, sport or society.

All donations made during the Telephone Campaign support the Caius Fund and all those who generously make donations of more than £250 will receive an invitation to our May Week Party, where they will be able to see their gifts immediately being put to good use around the College.

To make a donation to the Caius Fund, please visit our online donation pages, send a cheque to the College made payable to "Gonville and Caius College Development Fund", or contact the Annual Fund Officer to request a gift form.

For more information on past or current projects, or to make any enquiries about the Caius Fund, please contact the Annual Fund Officer on (+44) 1223 768764 or by email at

Thank you for your support.