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The Caius Medical Association

History and Purpose​

The Caius Medical Association (CMA) was founded in 1997, which coincidentally was the 400th anniversary of Harvey's graduation from the college in 1597. Over the past twenty years, the CMA has generated considerable enthusiasm and interest. Its intention is to allow Caius medical graduates to keep in touch with each other and with the college, and to maintain a sense of a Caius medical community after graduation. The CMA also provides a mechanism whereby older members can provide help and advice to Caius students and younger members, for example about career choices. We have had many offers of support and help of one kind and another, which were much appreciated by the young Caian medics who have taken them up.

A key part of the CMA is the Annual Meeting in June, which combines a social occasion with a scientific meeting. We also provide financial assistance to Caius students who wish to stay in Cambridge over the Long Vacation to complete lab-based projects or Part II courses and to work abroad. Their work is often presented as posters at the June meeting.

CMA Subscriptions & Ties

You are warmly encouraged to join the CMA to support present and future Caius medical students in their studies. You can set up a Direct Debit to increase the value of your subscription by Gift Aiding it. The subscription is £20 per annum, but if you feel inclined to pay more to support the CMA the option is available. Please click on this link to set up your subscription. Current medical students may join for free until they have completed their foundation training. 

It would also be very helpful if you could kindly complete the Membership Application Form and return it to for our confidential records.

The brand new CMA tie (image here) is of high-quality woven silk, and combines the Caius colours (black background, narrow Cambridge blue stripe) with a motif that is part of Dr. Caius' original design for his coat-of-arms, featuring the Twin Serpents, the Book of Wisdom and the Amaranths. The cost is £25 or £20 for students. The CMA has also recently commissioned a brooch that shows the Gate of Honour (image here), and a lapel pin showing the caduceus (image here). The lapel pin measures 4cm high (plus pin) x 2.5cm wide and the brooch measures 4.5cm high x 2.5cm wide. Both are in Caius blue and retail at £15or £10 for students. Please email Julia Mantle at to place your order.


The Caius Medical Association now has an Instagram account follow us here.