Research Fellowship Competition

Research Fellowships are awarded to men or women judged to be the most able with an exceptionally strong academic record who have demonstrated outstanding capacity to conduct original and innovative doctoral research in science or the humanities. Those to whom Research Fellowships are awarded are about to complete or have just completed a Ph.D. thesis or the equivalent. The College entertains applications in all academic disciplines.

Gonville and Caius College gives notice of its intention to elect in 2014 to a number of Research Fellowships. Candidates should be university graduates or research students who have either submitted their doctoral dissertation after 30 September 2012 or are able to include in their application a substantial draft of all or part of their projected dissertation, which is yet to be submitted. Those who have been engaged in full-time research for more than four years should explain in detail the reasons for delayed submission of their doctoral dissertation.

The initial review of applications will be undertaken by Fellows in the candidate’s field; this will involve consideration of the CV, research work to date, proposed area of study during the Research Fellowship and of the quality of the references provided. Applications are then considered by sub-committees in the Arts and Sciences with responsibility for drawing up a shortlist of candidates whose work is sent to expert readers for further assessment. A small number of strongly recommended candidates are then invited for interview.

The current stipend of a Research Fellow resident in College who has no other emoluments except College teaching is £19,806 p.a., rising by three annual increments to £22,219 p.a.  Assistance with housing is given to non-resident Research Fellows.  Reimbursement of certain research expenses totalling up to £1,000 p.a. will also be available.

Prospective candidates should be aware that the College requires the submission of the written work the candidates would wish to be read by assessors at the same time as the application; although there is some variation between disciplines, it is generally expected that the work submitted will be at least 30,000 words in length, including in some cases a complete PhD of about 80,000 words, and/or published work.  The main body of written work must be submitted in English, apart from quotations.

Applications must be completed by Tuesday 30 September 2014.  The election will be held on 16 January 2015 and candidates should ensure that they will be available for interview that day if so required.  Candidates who are offered a Research Fellowship at Gonville & Caius College will be required to accept or decline the offer immediately.

Full details of our application procedures for 2015 are now available online at

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