All The Ends Of The Earth

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This recording celebrates the vibrant relationship that has developed between contemporary sacred British choral music and the music of the medieval era, allowing several works composed in recent years to be heard alongside the type of music that inspired their creation. Some of these relationships are very close, where composers have drawn on a particular medieval work or school of composition, whilst others reflect a more general influence. Two motets have been composed specially for the recording; most of the medieval works have been freshly edited, and there are new reconstructions of music from the Winchester Troper and of the tradition of improvised discant based on plainsong. 

1. All the Ends of the Earth         Judith Weir
2. Kyrie eleison Anonymous, c. 1000
3. Sint lumbi James Weeks
4. Vir perfecte Anonymous, 13th century
5. Salve Regina Bayan Northcott
6. Gemma nitens Anonymous, 14th century
7. Stabant autem iuxta crucem Michael Finnissy
8. Quam pulchra es John Dunstaple (d.1453)
9. Alma Redemptoris Mater Bayan Northcott
10. Alma Redemptoris Mater Sarum plainchant with discant
11. Sanctus (Missa Canonica) Robin Holloway
12. Agnus Dei (Missa Canonica) Robin Holloway
13. Stella maris Anonymous, 14th century
14. O Jesu, Nomen Dulce Jonathan Harvey
15. Mater ora filium Anonymous, 14th century
16. Thomas, Jewel of Canterbury Gabriel Jackson
17. Campanis cum cymbalis Anonymous, 14th century