Dr Francesca De Domenico

  • College positions:
    Research Fellow
  • Subjects: Engineering


BSc and MSc in Aerospace Engineering (University of Padua, Italy), PhD in Engineering (University of Cambridge)


Research interests

Thermoacoustics, Combustion, Laser Diagnostics. My research focuses on understanding and reducing the causes of pollutants generation and noise emissions in flames, in order to develop quieter, more efficient and cleaner combustors. To do so, I develop low order analytical models, aimed to capture the underlying physics of combustion phenomena, which then I validate experimentally. In particular, I am interested in developing laser diagnostics techniques that can be applied to reacting-flow systems.


Teaching interests

Compressible flow, Boundary Layer Analysis, Signal Analysis. 


Awards and prizes

APS DFD (American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics) award to attend the APS DFD meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 2018;
ASME Student Advisory Committee Travel Award (SACTA) to attend the ASME Turbo Expo 2018 in Lillestrom, Oslo, Norway (June 2018);
Osborne Reynolds Award, finalist Award for the PhD candidates working in the broad field of fluid mechanics in the United Kingdom (July 2017);
Amelia Earhart Fellowship (Zonta International) Fellowship awarded annually to 35 talented women, pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering around the globe (2017-2018);
Qualcomm\DTA (EPRSC) studentship for a 3.5 year PhD project at the University of Cambridge (October 2015-May 2018);
Honorary Vice Chancellor's Award, Honorary Fellowship from the Cambridge Trust, University of Cambridge (October 2015 - May 2018);
Medal of Honour “Alfiere del Lavoro” given by the President of the Republic of Italy to the twenty-five best students in Italy among graduates in 2010.



De Domenico F., Guiberti T.F., Hochgreb S., Roberts W.L., Magnotti G. (2019) Temperature and water measurements in flames using 1064 nm Laser-Induced Grating Spectroscopy (LIGS); Combustion and Flames, 205, 336-344;

De Domenico F., Fan L., Lowe S.M., Weller L., Hochgreb S. (2018) Trade-off between thermalisation and spatial resolution for LITGS measurements at 355 nm using biacetyl as an absorber, 19th International Symposium on the Application of Laser and Imaging Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal (16-19 July 2018);

De Domenico F., Rolland E., Hochgreb S. (2018) A generalised model for acoustic and entropic transfer function of nozzles with losses Journal of Sound and Vibrations, 440, 212-230;

De Domenico F., Shah P., Fan L., Lowe S.M., Williams B.A.O., Ewart P., Hochgreb S. (2018) High frequency temperature and composition measurement with LITGS; Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbine and Power, 141(3);

Rolland E., De Domenico F., Hochgreb S. (2018) Direct and indirect noise generated by entropic and compositional inhomogeneities; Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 140 (8);

De Domenico F., Rolland E., Hochgreb S. (2017) Measurements of the effect of the acceleration profile on the upstream and downstream noise arising from entropy spots, Proceedings of the Asme 2017 Turbo Expo, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (26-30 June 2017);

Rolland E., De Domenico F., Hochgreb S. (2017) Theory and application of reverberated direct and indirect noise; Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 819, 435-464;

De Domenico F., Rolland E., Hochgreb S. (2017) Detection of acoustic waves generated by synthetic hot spots in a duct; Journal of Sound and Vibrations, 394, 220-236.


Other interests

I enjoy all kinds of outdoor sport and activity, especially running, cycling and hiking. I love travelling around the world, discovering new places, experiencing new cultures, and admiring the amazing beauty of nature. I also enjoy reading novels and going to the theatre.