Into This World This Day Did Come

An intriguing programme in which medieval works illuminate contemporary settings by some of the UK’s finest living composers. From the plangent innocence of Sweeney’s The Innumerable Christ to the shining antiphony of Burrell’s Creator of the Stars of Night, this selection will seduce and enchant. Caius, as we’ve come to expect, combine polish with verve.



1. Creator of the Stars of Night Diana Burrell
2. Annunciation Judith Bingham
3. Adam lay y-bounden Stuart MacRae
4. Edi beo thu 13th-c. English
5. Cradle Song Richard Causton
6. That yongë child Francis Pott
7. Quam pulchra es John Dunstaple
8. Salus aeterna Gabriel Jackson
9. Salvator mundi Domine 16th-c. English
10. To Bethlem did they go Howard Skempton
11. God would be born in thee Judith Bingham
12. Tui sunt caeli John Redford
13. Into this world, this day did come Howard Skempton
14. The Innumerable Christ William Sweeney
15. Verbum Patris umanatur 12th-c. English
16. Christo paremus cantica Diana Burrell
17. Christmas Carol Robin Holloway
18. Nowell sing we 15th-c. English
19. Incarnation with shepherds dancing Judith Bingham
20. Nowell sing we Gabriel Jackson